Wednesday, February 11, 1920, Vol. 77, No. 21866 The Globe (Toronto) Page 1, col. 3

New Lowell grain elevator burns

Eight thousand bushels of wheat are destroyed with building

(Special Despatch to The Globe)

New Lowell, Ont., Feb. 10.—Property damage estimated at $13,000 was caused by fire which, breaking out at 6 o'clock this evening, totally destroyed the grain elevator of John A. Bell & Son. Approximately 8,000 bushels of grain were in the structure at the time, and although efforts were made, the rapid spread of the flames prevented all attempts to salvage it.

Explosion of a gasoline tank, in which was stored fuel to run the gas engine of the elevator, was the cause of the outbreak. It is thought that a spark from the engine spread to the tank. As soon as the blaze was noticed an alarm was sent to the G.T.R. fire station at Allandale, fifteen miles away, but no assistance could be given until the building and its contents had been wiped out. The village itself is without other fire protection than wells and buckets.

The building was 110 fee high and had a capacity of 20,000 bushels. It was a wooden structure built on a cement base and sheathed with corrugated iron. It is estimated that the grain, which was chiefly wheat, was worth $7,000. The building, on which there is $6,000 insurance, was valued at $6,000.

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