Tuesday, July 19, 1921 The Globe (Toronto) Page 6, col. 5

Subway ready for next year.

Railway will bear most of expense of Aurora structure.

Will cost $60,000.

Before the 1922 northward tourist traffic commences the Provincial Department of Highways will have the Aurora subway completed. With this end in view the department will proceed this fall with the concrete and steel superstructure, in preparation for quick completion next spring.

The subway, which is to be constructed on Yonge street, under the Grand Trunk, just this side of Aurora, has been ordered by the Ontario Railway Board, and the railway company, according to Deputy Minister of Highways W. A. McLean, has expressed its willingness to co-operate in its end of the work in order to have it finished before next summer. The work will be completed at the cost of but a slight grade in the roadway.

Whereas the total cost of the work is expected to be in the neighborhood of $60,000, the bulk of it will be borne by the railway company. According to departmental estimates the Province's share will amount to less than half, or in the neighborhood of $25,000.

Railways: G.T.Ry., T. & Y.Rad.Ry.