Friday, July 22, 1921 The Globe (Toronto) Page 6, col. 6

North Oshawa C.N.Ry.s station ordered closed

(Special Dispatch to The Globe.)

Oshawa, July 21.—By order of the Dominion Railway Board the Canadian Northern Railways station at North Oshawa was yesterday ordered to be closed.

Prominent farmers and shippers who use the station have entered a protest and are calling a meeting to discuss the situation. They are taking up the matter with Hon. William Smith, M.P., who has been invited to the meeting; also with W. E. N. Sinclair, M.P.P. for South Ontario. Shippers of livestock, grain and milk contend that it will cost them hundreds of dollars annually to take their products to the Grand Trunk and C.P.R. in Oshawa.

The order to close the depot is said to have been issued Wednesday by General Superintendent W.R. Devenish at Capreol. The Auditor has arrived to close up the place. The reason for the railway company's application to have the depot closed is said to be a large decrease in business since Canadian Northern Railway trains were routed over the Grand Trunk. Two trains daily now stop at the station, which will now be only a flag stop.

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