Tuesday, January 9, 1923 The Globe (Toronto) Page 11, col. 2

City keen for action on level crossings

Some weeks ago City Solicitor Johnston wrote to the Dominion Railway Board, making application for a sitting of the board to hear the city's pleas for an order compelling the engineers of the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railways to confer with the city's engineers with a view to arriving at a solution of the problem of grade separation in the northwestern portion of the city. In the event of the three engineering departments failing to reach an agreement as to plans for the depression of elevation of the steam railway tracks forming the northwestern entrance of the railways to Toronto, the city asks that the plans prepared by the city's engineers be accepted by the Railway Board and an order issues directing the railways to carry out the work as planned in them.

In making this application Mr. Johnston notified the two railways of the city's request. In a short time he received a letter from the Canadian National Railways expressing its desire to do all it could to facilitate this matter, but up to the present the C.P.R. has ignored the matter. In view of this Mr. Johnston has written to the Railway Board asking that a date be set for the hearing, as the C.P.R. is in default in the matter of filing its reply to the city's application.

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