Tuesday, March 23, 1926 The Globe (Toronto) Page 10, col. 3

C.N.R. may remodel Kingston station

Engineers have recommended changes to furnish better service

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)

Kingston, March 22.—The management of the Canadian National Railways is considering remodelling the Kingston outer station. Engineers have visited the city during the past month for the purpose of figuring out some scheme by which the travelling public would get better service.

The engineers have recommended that the building just east of the waiting-room, which at the present time is used for a lunch-room, be remodelled and made into an up-to-date ticket office and waiting-room. The building which is now used as a waiting-room, ticket office and for depatching will be rebuilt and made suitable for an up-to-date lunch-room.

For years the travelling public have complained about the very limited accommodation at the station.

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