Monday, April 4, 1927 The Globe (Toronto) Page 7, col. 1

New appointments announced by C.N.R.

Affected Central Region officials in freight traffic department

A number of appointments in the Freight Traffic Department of the Canadian National Railways affecting Central Region officials, and effective from April 1, are announced.

In a circular issued by M. F. Tompkims, Traffic Manager of the Atlantic Region, R. J. S. Weatherston, Division Freight Agent at Hamilton, is appointed General Freight Agent of the Atlantic Region, with headquarters at Moncton.

Circulars issued by R. W. Long, Assistant Freight Traffic Manager, Central Region, Toronto, announces the appointment of George R. Fairhead, Division Freight Agent at Toronto, to Division Freight Agent at Hamilton. F. G. Gould, Division Freight Agent at Ottawa, becomes Division Freight Agent at Toronto. W. E. G. Bishop, Division Freight and District Passenger Agent at North Bay, is made Division Freight Agent at Ottawa. H. A. Carson, Freight Traffic Representative at Toronto, is appointed Commercial Agent at London.

A joint circular, signed by Mr. Long and H. C. Bourlier, General Passenger Agent, announces the appointment of A. S. Munro as Division Freight and District Passenger Agent at North Bay. Mr. Munro was Commercial Agent at London.

Mr. Fairhead, who becomes Division Freight Agent at Hamilton, entered the service of the Grand Trunk Railway at Toronto as a clerk in the Division Freight office in 1897. In 1910 he was moved to Hamilton as Commercial Agent. He remained there for eight years, when he was moved to Toronto as Division Freight Agent, a position he now relinquishes to take charge of the senior territory in the Central Region.

Mr. Carson, who becomes Commercial Agent at London, commenced his railway career in the Division Freight office of the old Grand Trunk System as stenographer in 1905 at Toronto. In 1909 he was made Chief Clerk, in 1922 he was made Commercial Agent at Montréal, and in 1923 was transferred to Toronto as Freight Traffic Representative, a position he had held until his present promotion.

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