Saturday, December 22, 1928, Vol. 85, No. 24641 The Globe (Toronto) Page 1, col. 4

Firemen answer urgent call, then wait for fire to come

Woodstock brigade rushes to C.N.R. station and while away hour until flier, with diner ablaze, pulls into depot

Special Despatch to The Globe.

Woodstock, Dec. 21.—The Woodstock Fire Department had the unusual experience today of having to wait for a fire to arrive before they could set to work to extinguish it. Usually the firemen find the fire waiting for their attention, but this afternoon, on being called to the Canadian National Railways station, they were told to sit down and wait for the fire to come along. In about an hour's time it came—in the form of a burning dining car on the Montréal to Chicago flyer. The blaze had started in the stove pipe of the car, fortunately empty at the time, and had taken a good hold on the roof. The train employees had been able to keep it under fairly good control with chemical extinguishers, and on the train's arrival at Woodstock it was finally put out. There was no panic or disorder among the passengers, very few of them being aware anything was wrong.

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