Saturday, May 12, 1928 The Globe (Toronto) Page 17, col. 3

No grade separation in Northwest of City

Railway Board finds against making any further orders

In a lengthy report on its decision affecting North Toronto grade separation, the Dominion Railway Board finds against making any further orders for grade separation in northwest Toronto at the present time. The report cites the record of expenditures, and having in mind the general need, as being justified in not ordering that further work proceed. It refers to grade separation in Montréal, Vancouver and Québec has having features of urgency not evident at present in the application of the City of Toronto, and states that the financing of such projects must be considered in a general way along with the ability of the railway to carry on an extensive program of these capital works. The decision affects and delays for the time, the contemplated subways on Lansdowne Avenue, south of St. Clari and the one for St. Clair Avenue West at the junction.

Railways: C.N.Rys., C.P.Ry.