Monday, June 25, 1928 The Globe (Toronto) Page 21, col. 4

Oxford fruit men erect new warehouse

Two-story cement structure replaces frame building

Special Despatch to The Globe.

Woodstock, June 24.—An important forward step has been taken by the apple and fruit growers of South Oxford in the breaking of ground for a large fruit-sorting and warehouse building at Burgessville. The building is to be a two-story cement structure, to cost $6,000, and measures 60 feet by 100 feet.

The Burgessville Fruit Growers' Association, which is erecting the building, ships about 7,000 barrels of apples every year. Formerly the sorting and storing were done in a frame building, but frosts caused heavy losses in the last two or three years, this being responsible for the decision to build a more substantial structure.

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