Wednesday, January 1, 1930 The Globe (Toronto) Page 23, col. 8

Canadian National Railways

Central Region.

Viaduct Mile 1.9, Algoma Connection, Sudbury

Tenders are invited for the construction of the concrete substructure of a railway viaduct for the track of the Canadian National Railways at Mile 1.9, Algoma Connection, Sudbury Terminal.

Sealed tenders, marked on the outside "Confidential" and "Tender for Viaduct, Sudbury," and addressed to Mr. T. T. Irving, Chief Engineer, Canadian National Railways, Room 436, Union Station, Toronto 2, Ontario, will be received up to 11.00 a.m., October 8th, 1930.

Form of Tender and Instructions for tendering may be obtained at the offices of the District Engineer, North Bay; Station Agent, Sudbury, and Engineer of Construction, Room 439, Union Station, Toronto, and plans, specifications and form of contract may be seen and obtained on depositing a certified cheque, made payable to the Treasurer, Canadian National Railways, for an amount of $25.00, which will be refunded on return of plans and specifications to the Railway in good condition within thirty days after award of contract.

Tenders will not be considered unless submitted on forms supplied by the Railway and in accordance with instructions for tendering. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

W. A. Kingsland,
General Manager.

Office of Chief Engineer,
Toronto, September 22nd, 1930.

Railways: C.N.Rys.