Wednesday, March 5, 1930 The Globe (Toronto) Page 15, col. 4

Ottawa is adamant regarding bridge over Humber River

Must be movable or else city must be prepared to destroy it.

St. Clair crossings.

William Marchington

(Staff Correspondent of The Globe.)

Ottawa, March 4.—  .. 

St. Clair Avenue crossing.

Some headway was made today by a delegation which sought Federal Government aid in connection with the elimination of deadly level crossings on St. Clair Avenue, in the northwestern section of Toronto. The deputation included Mayor Wemp, members of the Board of Control and the Board of Trade, and Toronto Members of Parliament, and it was heard at great length by Hon. T. A. Crerar, Minister of Railways; Hon. James Malcolm, Minister of Trade and Commerce, and Hon. J. C. Elliott, Minister of Public Works. The Toronto delegates made out a strong case, and were promised careful consideration by Mr. Crerar. Mr. Macolm also displayed keen interest, pointing out that he was quite familiar with the urgent need for action.

Mayor Wemp insisted that grade separation was the only satisfactory solution of the problem. To build a street car line over such a level crossing would be to invite disaster, as crowded street cars would pass over the steam railway tracks every 40 seconds during the rush hours. Controller Pearce vividly presented the city's case, and was supported by Ald. Donald MacGregor. It was stated that motor cars and other vehicles are repeatedly crashing through the crossing gates after they have been lowered for passing trains, and that children walk under the gates after they have been lowered.

Mr. Crerar pointed out that Toronto and Ontario have fared generously from the Dominion Grade Crossing Fund. Of the $18,000,000 spent on the protection of level crossings through the Dominion, $14,000,000 had been spent in Ontario, while the contributions from the Grade Crossing Fund, more than $2,000,000 had been spent in Ontario out of a total of $2,670,000 for the entire Dominion.

In the City of Toronto alone, $1,462,000 had been expended, while the Corporation of Toronto had expended $3,780,000 and the railways $6,500,000.  ..