Tuesday, February 2, 1932 The Globe (Toronto) Page 10, col. 5

C.N.R. cars plunge down embankment

Broken rail blamed for smash near Paris, Ont.

(Special Despatch to The Globe.)

Paris, Ont., Feb. 1.—A Canadian National Railways freight train, running on branch line from Paris Junction to Harrisburg, came to grief just east of Paris at 8 a.m. The accident is ascribed to a broken rail. Seven cars were hurled down an embankment, two cars of coal were scattered, and a load of telegraph poles thrown a considerable distance, while four box cars were piled together. One, a refrigerator car, containing butter, remained intact, but for leaving the carriage. The single track was torn up for some distance. Two auxiliaries, with their gangs, are still working to clear the line.

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