Thursday, June 1, 1933 The Globe (Toronto) Page 1, col. 1

Roundhouse razed, two men injured

Hamilton fireman and railway employee taken to hospital

Blaze in C.N.R. yards

Staff correspondence of The Globe.

Hamilton, May. 31.—Two men were injured and the roundhouse of the Canadian National Railways, in the Stuart Street yards, was destroyed by fire which broke out at 11 o'clock tonight.

Fireman Harry Walker of the John Street station fell into an engine pit and suffered injuries to his back.

George Rogers, a fire builder, employed in the roundhouse, was burned about the arms by flowing oil. Both men were removed to the General Hospital.

Five locomotives were badly damaged in the fire. It was feared the heat from the fire would cause the boilers to burst.

The loss from the fire will be heavy. It was under control at midnight.

The fire was caused when, it is said, Rogers was preparing a fire in an engine, and an oil line burst. He was spattered with flowing oil.

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