Monday, April 20, 1936 The Globe (Toronto) Page 4, col. 4

Alert engineer averts wreck at Cobourg

Brings C.N.R. flier to stop when wheel tire splinters

Cobourg, April 19 (CP).—Quick action on the part of Engineer John G. Skelcher of Belleville saved the fast No. 6 Canadian National Railways train from destruction tonight when he saw the tire fly to pieces on the right driving wheel. The train was travelling 50 miles an hour at the time and the mishap occurred just west of the station platform.

The train quickly drew to a stop and only the baggage car left the rails. No one was injured and those in the back part of the train did not know what caused the delay.

Another engine was obtained and 40 minutes later the train proceeded on its way. About 200 were on it.

Mr. Percy of Belleville, waiting at the crossover switch, missed death by inches when a piece of the flying tire whizzed by him. The rest of the tire was carried under the train, derailing the baggage car.

Railways: C.N.Rys.

Stations: Cobourg