Wednesday, January 18, 1854 The Examiner (Toronto)

Weekly retrospect.


More agreeable is to learn that this day witnesses—should not untoward circumstance supervene—the completion and opening of the Great Western Line of Railway, from Niagara to Windsor; a monument of enterprize of which the Province may be justly proud. Two hundred and twenty-two miles of unbroken communication through one of the wealthiest action of Canada are thus completed; and already the traffic awaiting transport exceeds the most extravagant anticipations formed of the success of the enterprize.

Whether there is foundation for the rumour, which has received currency through the City Council, that an amalgamation between the Great Western and Grand Trunk Lines has taken place, does not year appear. Should such an event have transpired, it is not unreasonable to calculate that a [illegible] to the contract between the Companies will be a stipulation for the abandonment of the Western Branch of the Line, intended to connect Toronto with the Western frontier at Sarnia. The effect of such an arrangement on the prospective calculations of this City, is a matter of very serious import. Unquestionably the understanding was, that the Line should run direct to the River St. Clair, avoiding a junction with the Great Western at any point of the route. The City, as a stockholder in the Line, has no common interest in the fulfillment of these stipulations. If it is determined by our Railway Governors to break them, we shall see good reason—apart from the temporary rise n the Grand Trunk stock—for these judicious men, the Contractors seeking to relieve the Corporation of its responsibilities in the Road. We shall be able better to appreciate the magnanimity of those overtures, to free the ratepayers of Toronto of the risk to which they were subjected, so long as the success of the work was still problematical, and a stringency in the money market no remote possibility.—These are times, we suppose, when we may look for such disinterested offers, and put them to the credit of the good time coming. Will the Organs please to read us another homily on public virtue?


Railways: G.W.Ry.