Wednesday, June 18, 1845 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 3, col. 3

From the Hamilton Gazette.

Great Western Railroad Company.—A Meeting of the General Committee of Management for the above Company took place at the Office of the Secretary, on the evening of the 9th. inst. The deputation appointed at a previous meeting of the Committee to proceed to Toronto, and endeavour to come to some definite arrangements with the Toronto and Huron Railroad Company, reported the following Resolutions to have been adopted by a meeting of the Stockholders of that company with the sanction of Deputation:—[Here follows the Resolution adopted at the late meeting in Toronto.] The following resolutions were then adopted by the Committee:—

On motion of R. O. Duggan, Esq., seconded by R. Jason, Esq.:—

Resolved—That this Committee approve of Report of Deputation.

Moved by John O. Hatt, Esq., seconded by High C. Baker, Esq.

Resolved—That the Secretary of this Company be instructed to communicate to the Toronto and Huron Railroad Company, that this Committee do entirely concur with the Resolutions that were adopted at the late meeting in Toronto, for the purpose of forming a union between the Companies.

Moved by Sir Allan N. McNab, and seconded by William M. Shaw, Esq.:

Resolved—That the proceeding of this meeting be published in the Hamilton Gazette and Journal and Express; the Toronto and Montréal papers.

On motion of Sir Allan N. McNab, seconded by R. O. Duggan, Esq.:

A Committee was appointed to report on the Charter and Bye-Laws [sic] of the Great Western Railroad Company, when the following was submitted and adopted:—

The Committee appointed to examine into the present condition of the Great Western Railroad Company, have the honour to report, that upon an examination of the the Books and Bye Laws they found that £18,175 of Capital Stock has been taken up under the old Charter, on the great part of which 5 per cent. was paid up, and that this amount was expended on the Survey of the route from Burlington Bay, on Lake Ontario, to the town of Chatham at the head of the navigable waters of the River Thames; the result of which Survey satisfactorily proved that the country throughout is highly favourable to the undertaking.

All those interested in the Great Western Railway are aware that the Charter was revised and amended during the last Session of Parliament, increasing the Capital and extending the powers of the Company.

Your Committee find that the Act prescribes that the annual election of Directors for the Company should have taken place on the first Monday of this month; but as that time has passed, and no election been made, your Committee recommend that it should take place on the third Monday in July, so provided for by a Bye-Law of the Company, and that in the interim, no time should be lost in opening Stock Books in this Province and such parts of the United States and England, as may be deemed most advisable.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

George S. Tiffany, Chairman.
J. T. Gilkison, Secretary.