Wednesday, July 21, 1852 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 2, col. 7

The Northern Railroad.

The ceremony of laying the first Rail on this line took place in the presence of a few of the Directors and their friends on Thursday last [July 15], about four miles from the cityNear present day Bloor Street.. Mr. Barrow, one of the early promoters of the enter prize, having driven the first nail, and the lady of one of the Contractors, Mrs. Warford, having broken a bottle of Champagne on the rail. The meaning of this latter ceremony is not apparent, unless we assume the road is happily to be conducted on temperance principles—no Engineer, Conductor or Brakeman to be employed, but thorough tee-totallers. The lady has great credit for giving this salutary intimation, and if the principle be adopted, it will doubtless save many a life and limb.

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