Wednesday, August 25, 1852 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 4, col. 3

Ontario, Simcoe and Huron Railroad.

The American Railroad Journal, in noticing the construction of the Toronto Northern Railroad, and the Sault Ste. Marie Canal, says of the latter undertaking, it has long occupied the attention of the United States and Canadian Governments, and there now seems every probability that American efforts will be anticipated by the superior sagacity and energy of the Hon. Francis Hincks, the head of the Canadian Cabinet. The Journal adds: "This national improvement will open at once the rich mines of Lake Superior and of the adjacent country, to the enterprize of the world. These mines will then be brought within 48 hours of New York and Boston, by a route passing through a fine agricultural country, the beautiful and picturesque Manatouline Islands, and along the shores of our green inland sea, abounding in copper, silver, iron, lead, etc., etc.

The Journal at the same time bears testimony to the valuable services of F. C. Capreol, Esq., in promoting the construction of the Railroad. "But for him, who matured and organized the scheme, and whose entire labors for years, have been exerted in its behalf, and to whose resolution and constancy it was indebted for along time, for its very existence, till a lapse of time and a better appreciation of its merits, and prospect of success secured for it the confidence and support of the public, its construction would have been indefinitely postponed. Mr. C. was for a long period almost the only one who believed in a scheme, which has not become a favourite project in Western Canada.

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