Wednesday, October 13, 1852 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 2, col. 7

The First Locomotive.—Last Wednesday [October 6] the first Locomotive which has ever entered Upper Canada, made its debut in fine style from the terminus of the Northern Railroad at Queen's Wharf. A numerous body of citizens went to witness its departure, but for some reason the steam was put on earlier than was announced, so that many were disappointed. After traversing the line about twelve milesProbably to York station, which was located between present day Sheppard Avenue and Finch Avenue (11.6 miles from Toronto).—going in some places at the rate of 35 miles per hour—it returned home in about an hour and a half, finding the road, so far, in good working order. The iron is now being rapidly laid down, and in a month or two the line may reach BradfordThe Northern did not open to Bradford until 1853-06-13..

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