Wednesday, August 24, 1853 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 2, col. 5

The ten thousand pounds.

Our readers are aware, the demurrer entered in the Court of Chancery by Mr. Mayor Bowes against the suit of Paterson and others for the recovery of the £10,000 railway share, was quashed. Singularly enough, however, this was not the only demurrer in the case. Collateral with that entered by his Worship was one in the name of the Corporation. To this subject Alderman Bell drew the attention of the City Council on Monday, and submitted a motion for the withdrawal of the second demurrer, which could not by possibility have served any other purpose than that of fastening heavy expenses on the City; and to this effect the Corporation was notified by Mr. Mowatt.

A majority of the virtuous Councilors, however, thought differently, and Mr. Bell's motion was voted down; the opposition being tagged to the tail of Mr. Alderman Thompson, Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Since then, we learn, that the Solicitor for the Mayor has voluntarily consented to withdraw the demurrer—prudently anticipating a stern and somewhat disagreeable necessity. The pleadings will therefore come on in a few days, and a sight of the missing ten thousand may yet be had.

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