Wednesday, January 11, 1854 The Examiner (Toronto) Page 3, col. 1

Provincial news.


Toronto, Guelph and Sarnia Railway.—At the meeting of the City Council on Friday last, Alderman Robinson stated that he had received information from England, that the Grand Trunk Railway had now agreed, by their arrangement with the Great Western, to take the road from Guelph through to London, and stop there. The interests of Toronto would thus be sacrificed, and the £100,000 they had given to advance the road, they had given to their own prejudice. After some further conversation, it was moved by Ald. J. B. Robinson, seconded by Ald. Gowan, and carried unanimously, That the Committee on Railroads do enter into immediate communications with Messrs. Gzwoski & Co., in order to ascertain whether they are aware of any impediment having arisen to the extension of the Toronto and Guelph Railroad, via Stratford, to Sarnia.