Friday, January 23, 1874 The Woodstock Weekly Review (Woodstock) Page 6

The Elora Observer says: Railway matters are not as flourishing as formerly, the tightness of the money market being partly the cause. The southern extension of the Wellington, Grey, and Bruce is finished to Kincardine, and there are thousands of bushels of grain, many car loads of pork and millions upon millions of feet of lumber waiting shipment, but the contractor, Mr. Hendrie, holds the road until paid the trifling sum of $229,000, which the Company cannot command. At one time it was understood that the Government bonus of $2,000 per mile over the whole distance would relieve the Directors; now they require the endorsement of the Great Western on their bonds to the extend of $12,000 a mile for the siding as well as the main track, and this being refused, the road lies idle, the people who gave the bonuses derive no benefit therefrom and all who hoped to use the road are suffering great losses.

Railways: W.G. & B.Ry.