1905 Report of the Commissioner of Public Works for the Province of Ontario (Toronto) Page 21

Magnetawan River works.

Lock in Village of Magnetawan.

Extensive renewals and repairs were made to the works in connection with the locks in the Village of Magnetawan.

The wharf above the lock was entirely renewed. The dam across the southerly channel was rebuilt from low water up, including a new stop-log platform 122 feet in length, and 12 feet in width. The lock wall below the lock was repaired for a length of 20 feet. The wall was taken down to the level of low water and rebuilt a height of 18 feet.

Dredging at Burk's Falls.

The machinery of the dredge, belonging to the Department,was removed from the hull at Port Carling where it was employed during the season of 1903, and was taken to Burk's Falls, and was installed in the hull on the Magnetawan River. Dredging was commenced on the 15th of June and continued until the end of July to enable the boats plying on the Magnetawan River to reach the new Grand Trunk Railway docks in the Town of Burk's Falls. The material was chiefly gravel and boulders.

On the completion of the work in the town the dredge was taken down the river to Goose Lake, and two days were spent enlarging the outlet to permits logs to be towed out of Goose Lake into Magnetawan River.

Removing obstructions in Ahmic Lake

After finishing the work at Goose Lake the dredge was moved down the Magnetawan River to the lower end of Ahmic Lake. Sounding were taken in the channel to the mills of the Croft Lumber Company. A rocky shoal 40 feet in length was found with a depth of 5'6" of water. A steam drill was employed and the rock removed until a depth of 7 feet was made. Soundings were taken in the channel to Ahmic Harbour, when a depth of 7'10" was found, with a width of 45 feet. The channel was buoyed on each side; a buoy was also placed on Mud Island in the river about one mile below the Village of Magnetawan, and three buoys were fixed below the swing bridge in the village.

Railways: G.T.Ry., M.R.Ry

Stations: Burks Falls, Magnetawan Wharf