January 1898 The Daily Mail and Empire (Toronto) Page 5, col. 3

On to Toronto.

>Proposed connection between the Pembroke Southern and I. and B. Railway

The Pembroke Standard says:—"We are sure that the citizens of Pembroke, whatever whatever their differences may have been as to the granting of the bonus, will be glad to learn that the vexed question as to when the Pembroke Southern railway will be started is within easy distance of solution be reason of the fact that the contract for its construction has at last been let, and that to a company at the head of which is one of our young townsmen.

There is one phase of this new railway matter that is worthy [of] the closest attention of our Town Council and also of our Board of Trade, and that is the desirability, nay, the absolute necessity, of obtaining through the means of the Pembroke Southern railway, another and shorter route to Toronto. To the minds of many of our citizens this is one of the principal benefits which Pembroke should derive from the proposed railway. The present distance to Toronto by the C.P.R. route is stated at 304 miles, and if connection could be made b the Pembroke Southern with the Irondale and Bancroft railway at Brancroft, the distance would be shortened to 210 miles, a saving of 94 miles in distance and about four hours in time. This is surely a great consideration in these days of haste and keen competition.

Given Toronto as a centre and the distance to Pembroke as the radius of a circle, it will be seen that Pembroke is the nearest point on the Ottawa river to Toronto. It is to be hoped, now that the opportunity presents itself, Pembroke will do all in its power to get out of that state of isolation which having only one line or railway to Ontario's capital has forced on us. It is therefore in a railway, as well as in a political sense, we say heartily, 'On to Toronto!

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