Friday, January 22, 1897 The Newmarket Era Page 2, col. 2

We are glad Warden Slater and the Commissioners for 1896 could not agree with the Metropolitan Electric Railway about the Hogg's Hollow bridge, and the matter has been referred to the new County Council. Every man who votes to spend the people's money to divert the road and for a new bridge to accommodate the Electric Street Railway Company should get his congeconge an unceremonious dismissal or rejection of someone. when he next appears for re-election. The Company gets a franchise free for a period extending over a generation, and now they want the county to get mixed up building the railway bridges. It will be a sorry day for York should the new Council make any further concession. It they keep on, the Company will want the County to run the road while the stockholders rake in the mileage fees.

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