Friday, September 16, 1898 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 2

Metropolitan Electric Ry. Co.

The Committee of the County Council composed of Warden High and Messrs. Stokes, Pugsley, Eavns, Hartman and Woodcock; also, Mr. Moyes, Manager of Railway Co., Mr. Ramsden, County Clerk, and Mr. McDougall, County Engineer, visited Newmarket on Wednesday last. From conversation with the deputation we learned their purpose was to locate possible routes for the line from Bond's Lake to this town and to determine its approach here. Two routes are suggested: one to leave Yonge St. via the side-line between lots 90 and 91 east to the farm of the late Brook Dennis; thence north across said farm in close proximity to the steam and pond to Eagle St.; thence north along Church and Niagara to Queen; thence east to Prospect Avenue, and so to the Town Line, for a continuation of the line to Sharon, and the lake, at a future date. The second suggestion is to continue up Yonge Street to the line between the lots owned by Mr. Lewis and Mr. Millard, and thence into Newmarket via Park Avenue to Victoria Avenue or Church and so on over Queen St. to Prospect Avenue, as set forth above to the Town Line and north. The purpose of the County Committee was to determine what bridges the railway would have to construct and keep in repair. From the Manager we learned that the Railway Co.'s engineer will soon go over the proposed routes and repot the feasibility, etc., of the routes suggested. If that report is of a favorable character, the officials of the Co. will visit our Council and public men to discuss matters in connection with the project very soon thereafter.

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