Friday, July 8, 1898 The Newmarket Era Page 5, col. 5

A serious collision occurred on the Metropolitan Railway later Friday night. One of the company's new cars had been given a trial trip to Thornhill and when returning, near Willowdale Church, it ran into a hay rack that was on the track. Joseph Lappin, the motorman, was struck by the tongue of the wagon, which penetrated the vestibule and door of the car, and he was thrown into the ditch at the side. When picked up he was found to be much cut and suffering intense pain. He was conveyed home and Dr. Spencer found him suffering from a broken wrist, fractured collar bone, cuts on the face, and probably more serious internal injuries. The rig that collided with the car was driven by Robert Pearson of Thornhill, who was intoxicated, and belonged to F. Muldoon. One of the horses attached to the wagon was killed.

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