Friday, November 17, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 43 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 4

Freight by the trolley.

There was but one topic for discussion at the County Council meeting Tuesday [Nov. 14, 1899] afternoon, and that was the proposed connection of the Metropolitan Railway Company with the C.P.R. at North Toronto. Deputations were present from every municipality interested, and president C. D. Warren and Mr. Walter Barwick, solicitor, were in attendance to guard the interests of the Metropolitan Railway Company.

Mr. Robertson, of Newmarket, favored the connection being made, and expressed an opinion that the town which he presented had made concessions to the railway company which would not have been made had it not been understood that freight was to be carried. He contended that it would be a benefit to Newmarket, the towns between Toronto and there, and to the surrounding country, if the company were allowed to run freight trains. The nature of the country through which the road passed would prevent the running of trains of more than two or three cars.

Mr. Lloyd, also of Newmarket, heartily approved of what Mr. Robertson said.

Mr. Savage, of Aurora, and Councillor Hill, of Richmond Hill, also supported the proposal.

Mr. Wm. Ellis, who appeared before the Railway Committee a week ago, was the chief spokesman for North Toronto. He repeated his objections offered to the committee, and suggested that the members of the County Council paid more attention to the Metropolitan railway than they did to the people they represented.

After some further discussions Councillor Boag moved the following resolution, which was seconded by the Councillor Hall, and carried with three opposing:—

"That this Council support the application of the Metropolitan [Railway Company to the] Railway Committee of the Privy Council to grant permission to them to connect their rails with those of the C.P.R. at Yonge street, near Cottingham st., and that Mr. Evans, chairman of the railway committee of this council, proceed to Ottawa to present this resolution, and to defend the interests of this county wherever possible, subject to such restrictions as the committee may impose."

The following are the restrictions that Mr. Evans will ask the Railway Committee to impose:—

"They only three cars and a motor be drawn.

"That the rate of speed be six miles per hour in towns, incorporated villages, the village of Thornhill, and that part of Yonge street south of North Toronto.

"That the rate of speed on other parts of the road be 15 miles per hour.

"That the motive power used by electricity."

Mr. Evans left on the nine o'clock train.

Mr. Warren was served with a notice from the city authorities instructing him that within 24 hours be must cease to run electric cars on that part of Yonge street within the city limits.

Railways: C.P.Ry., Met.Ry.