Friday, December 1, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 45 The Newmarket Era Page 4, col. 2

Metropolitan trouble.

The muddle thickness as the days go by. A Toronto evening paper states that the Town of North Toronto has directly raised the issue of jurisdiction of the Railway Committee of the Privy Council in the Metropolitan and C.P.R. connection case at Yonge St. crossing, in a writ which W.A. Werrett, on behalf of the Town, entered on the 23rd inst. The Town practically says that the Metropolitan Co. have no right to run freight cars on the street, and that the Railway Committee of the Privy Council cannot give any such right. There is about three miles of the Company's line within the Town limits, over which the municipality has jurisdiction. The above writ not only asks for an injunction to restrain the Railway Co. defendants from using that part of Yonge St. for the passage of heavy freight cars and freight motors to and from the C.P.R. Company's railways, but also asks that the Metropolitan Co. be restrained from converting the Yonge St. highway into a railway right-of-way—in point of fact, restricting the Metropolitan to an electric street railway for passengers only, the same as in Toronto city.

Railways: C.P.Ry., Met.Ry.