Friday, February 24, 1899 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 1

The railway agreement.

The Town Council wrestled till after midnight last Monday night with the representatives of the Metropolitan Railway Co. over the agreement with this Corporation.

We believe, with one exception, that the Agreement as finally passed by the Council is reasonable, but that one thing is a very vital point. There should have been a limit to the Agreement and not a perpetual franchise. Newmarket is more progressive today than Toronto was 65 or 70 years ago; but today Toronto is enjoying a revenue of $8000 a month from its street railway. Who can tell what Newmarket may be in another 70 years? And what the monopoly of this Railway on its principal street may mean?

As the Agreement has to be ratified by the Legislature, from the opposition we hear to this feature on the street, it is quite likely an effort will be made to limit the franchise when it comes before the Private Bills Committee.

Railways: Met.Ry.