Friday, April 28, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 14 The Newmarket Era Page 7, col. 2

Metropolitan extension.

There are 260 men and 45 teams working on the extension of the electric railway from Bond's Lake to Newmarket. On Wednesday evening the road was broken up as far north as a mile and quarter this side of Curtis' Hotel, and the rails were laid and spiked for over half a mile. The company is paying nearly $500 a day in wages and would take 40 or 50 more men if they could only get aboard. The power-house at Bond's Lake is nearly finished and men are putting in the machinery. Several men are getting stone ready for the foundation of the bridge at the intersection of the G.T.R. The work is being pushed so as to have the road in operation as far Aurora by the 24th of May.

Railways: Met.Ry.