Friday, May 5, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 15 The Newmarket Era Page 60, col. 4

Oak Ridges.

The people of Oak Ridges have long been hoping for an electric car service to Toronto, and they will soon realize their hopes. The ties were put down and the rails laid and spiked past here last Saturday. Such a short time ago as 1880 there were no electric cars. Less than 12,000 men operated 2050 miles of street car lines then in existence. There are now over 18,000 miles of electric lines employing 160,000 men, and yet many people declare that new inventions keeping throwing men out of employment. Mr. Edison would hardly believe himself were he to visit this land a hundred years hence.

Men are putting the park at Bond's Lake into shape, erecting a pavilion. The appearance of the lake is very much improved, but it will take a lot of work yet before it will be completed.

The power house is nearly completed, and two of the boilers have arrived at Aurora station, accompanied by special trucks to haul them on, but they cannot be hauled for some time on account of bad roads, which are something awful.


Railways: Met.Ry.

Stations: Aurora