Friday, June 16, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 21 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 4

The electric railway.

Work was resumed on the this end of the line last Monday by a force of 40 men and a dozen teams, the right of way over the Bales and Brunton properties having been settled last week. It is said that Mrs. Bales accepted $700 from the company with the option of the purchase of the farm for $8000 within a year. The amount accepted by Mr. Brunton has not been made public.

The rain this week has delayed operations again, and from present appearances cars will not be running to Newmarket till the middle of July at least. A large amount of earth is being removed from the edge of the pond above the floating bridge to fill partly across the Dutchman's Bay.

While engaged on this work during Monday and Tuesday two span of horses and a cart horse got into the pond and the men had considerable excitement and labor effecting a rescue. A cut about 12 ft. deep is being made in the Dennis property.

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