Friday, January 27, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 1 The Newmarket Era Page 2, col. 3

Oak Ridges.

People are beginning to think that times will boom around here next summer, and we have no doubt but that they will if all is done that the Metropolitan Ry. propose doing.

The rubbish and small trees around the edge of Bond's Lake are being cleared away, and a new hotel, consisting of two hundred rooms, is proposed.

The steel for the roof of the power house is now being hauled from Aurora station, and five men from Hamilton are superintending the construction and placing of it. It is said this will occupy about five weeks. The chimney is nearing completion. It is now nearly 120 feet high and will have a nobby looking top. The machinery alone will cost an enormous sum. It will be teamed here from Aurora.

Railways: G.T.Ry., Met.Ry.

Stations: Aurora