Friday, July 14, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 25 The Newmarket Era Page 1, col. 6

Wreck on the G.T.R. near Delhi.

Delhi, Ont., July 7.—Westbound train No. 89, engine No. 67, of the G.T.R. was wrecked at 1.45 this morning about two miles east of the station.

Driver Frank Bowen was instantly killed.

Fireman Perry and brakeman Hickinson were badly hurt.

Conductor Griffin and the other brakeman, who were in the back coach, escaped unhurt.

The engine cab was completely demolished and the remainder of the engine was hurled into the ditch upside down. The tender was turned completely over and four cars were piled up in front of the engine and four behind, all being completely demolished. The track was torn to pieces and the ties were made into toothpicks.

The cause of the accident is unknown, but it is supposed that some part of the engine dropped, causing the engine to be lifted clear of the track. The condition of the track shows that something had dragged for nearly half a mile. Bowen's body was brought to Delhi station, where undertaker Church was called. Bowen lived at Bridgeburg and leaves a wife and family to mourn his sad and horrible death. An inquest is not deemed necessary.

When the crew which was left unhurt found fireman Perry he exclaimed: "Never mind me; find my mate." Dr. R. B Wells attended the wounded. He reports them in a favorable condition. The wrecking crew from St. Thomas is busily at work clearing the track, and it is expected that everything will be cleared by 1 p.m.

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