Friday, July 14, 1899, Vol. 480, No. 25 The Newmarket Era Page 341, col. 1

The electric railway.

Work on the electric road drags wearily along. Both men and teams are dropping off to engage in other employment. It looks as if it would take another week yet to complete the grade between Newmarket and Mulock's corner on Yonge St. In one place a cut 12 feet deep and about 40 feet wide at the top has been made through a hill, and this side of it a valley 14 feet deep has been filled up. The teams are now filling a long stretch about 7 feet high and 14 feet wide, near the Bales property.

A team horse belonging to Mr. John Gillis, which he says he was offered $125 for, took sick with inflammation one day last week and died within 30 hours.

The road is wired to the bridge about 2 miles this side of Aurora. The machinery at the power house is getting into such shape that the president expects the line to be running regularly to Bond's Lake after the 24th inst. It will likely be a couple of weeks after that before the first car reaches Newmarket.

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