Friday, July 21, 1899, Vol. 48, No. 26 The Newmarket Era Page 30, col. 2

The Specialty works.

Building operations have been greatly delayed this week owing to scarcity of cars. A large quantity of quarry stone is still to come Longford and several masons have had to leave the job here for want of material to go on with. There are also seven cars more of lumber to come for the building and its delay is attributed to the same cause—lack of cars. The carpenters have their work ready to be framed as soon as the mason work is completed.

A new tramway is also being constructed across the company's premises to run lumber from the yard to the dry-kiln. It will be further extended when the new building is erected.

A system of electric call bells for the elevator was put in this week by Mr. Chas. Broughton and henceforth the firm intends to employ an elevator boy to operate it.

The firm continue to ship their handsome roller shelving to the new City Hall, Toronto, by the car load, and still more to follow. Their work in the office furniture line stands above all competitors for latest labor-saving devices and designs.

Stations: Longford, Office Speciality (Newmarket)