Friday, August 11, 1899 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 3

The Metropolitan.

The engines of the Metropolitan Railway at the Bond's Lake Power were tested last Friday [Aug. 4] for the first time. Two cars of ties arrived Tuesday [Aug. 8] evening and were delivered on Wednesday. They were placed in position as fast as they were hauled and by night the rails were laid and spiked almost to the floating bridge. Another car-load of ties will bring the rails to the Water-Works.

Engineer McDougall and assistants were in town on Wednesday afternoon and commenced laying out Main st. ready for operations.

Everyone is anxious to see the first car which is fully expected to reach here tomorrow. A test of the dynamos at Bond's Lake was made on Sunday [Aug. 6], when five cars were run up from Toronto to Bond's Lake closely following each other.

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