Friday, August 11, 1899 The Newmarket Era Page 7, col. 3

Oak Ridges.

The sole topic of interest seems to be centered on the workings of the Metropolitan Railway; and if one could judge by gossip, the cars would have been run before the ties were laid—but it is now an accomplished fact as the engines at the new power house were put into motion last week for a trail, and as Friday is considered an unlucky day, the huge leather belts were adjusted until Saturday. On Sunday [Aug. 6] one of the dynamos was given a trial and several cars were run up as far as Bond's Lake. It is hardly expected that a regular service can be given for a few days yet on account of the electrical apparatus not working to the satisfaction of the electrician, who comes from Pittsburgh, Pa., and has charge of the dynamos for three weeks after they commence to run.

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