Friday, January 5, 1900, Vol. 48, No. 50 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 4

The Schomberg railway.

To the Editor of the Era.

Dear Sir—Now that we have been called upon to pay the first installment of the bonus, there seems to be some hope of getting the railroad here. We will pay $12,000 cheerfully if we get the road built where it will be the most advantage to the people of Schomberg and this part of the township. The company showed their good judgment when they abandoned the former route from here to Bond's Lake, which would be but very little benefit to use and none financially to the company. Everyone in this part of the township has business at Newmarket or Aurora ten times for the once they have to Toronto; hence it would be more convenient all round if the road from here would connect with their line at a point between Newmarket and Aurora—say at Mulock's corners, which would be about the distance from here to Toronto by that way that it is by the route the Company abandoned last summer, with the advantage to the Company of having about seven miles of the road already built, which means an item of about $60,000, and to us the advantage of a road to those towns where High Schools, Courts, Banks, Registry Office and the Industrial Home are situated.

Yours truly, E.C.
Schomberg, Jan. 2nd, 1900.

Railways: S. & A.Ry.