Friday, January 3, 1902, Vol. 50, No. 50 The Newmarket Era Page 5, col. 2

Toronto and Metropolitan

According to the agreement adopted by the city, admitting the Metropolitan to extend within city limits, the Metropolitan is restricted to passenger traffic on Yonge St. If the Co. desire to reach the market with freight cars, another route will have to be selected. The Co. also pays Toronto $800 per mile as a minimum mileage charge; and the public are to have a ten cent return fare to Mount Hop and Mount Pleasant Cemeteries. The railway is declared to be a street railway so as to keep it under civic control; and another clause affirms that freight cars shall not be operated in the city without the consent of Council. To wind up, a penalty clause is attached for violation of any of the terms of this agreement. Newmarket agreement should have a penalty clause also.

Railways: Met.Ry.