Friday, June 3, 1904 The Newmarket Era Page 7, col. 2

A great nuisance.

It is time somebody laid an action against the G.T.R. for obstructing the Huron Street crossing. On Monday evening a freight train was left standing right across the street for 15 minutes or more while the engine was shunting cars apparently at the Specialty Works. We are told that this is frequently the case, causing great inconvenience to people how are driving. Residents in the vicinity of Acton were bothered by this same way when a farmer who was stopped pulled out his watch and kept the exact time of the delay. He then went to the station, found the name of the conductor, and went straight to a magistrate, laying an information. The conductor was summoned to Acton and fined $50, and the people have not be troubled since.

Railways: G.T.Ry.

Stations: Acton, Office Speciality (Newmarket)