Friday, January 29, 1904 The Newmarket Era Page 8, col. 2



The engine on the Schomberg railway broke down last week and the mails for Kettleby, Lloydtown and Schomberg have for the past week been sent from here on sleights. On Saturday evening a number of passengers came up to Oak Ridges to go out to Schomberg only to find there was no train and they had to remain at Oak Ridges over Sunday. The contract for carrying the mail to Kettleby, Schomberg and Lloydtown should not have been given to the railway company. It has disorganized the mail service and utterly destroyed the passenger traffic. The proprietors of the stage line between here and Schomberg were unable to continue the stage after losing the mail contract. The Post Office Department should cancel the contract with the Railway Company and restore it to the proprietors of the stage line.—Banner.

Railways: S. & A.Ry.