Friday, February 5, 1904 The Newmarket Era Page 8, col. 2

Expensive to G.T.R.

The Grand Trunk Railway authorities paid the hotel bills of 75 travelling people who could not get out of Clinton on account of the snow blockades, from Sunday till Wednesday morning.

During the snow blockade a coal famine developed in Seaforth. It is reported that the people of the town were compelled in some cases to chop down their fences to provide firing. Seaforth is the only watering place on the Grand Trunk Railway between Stratford and Goderich, and the people of Seaforth used their monopoly of water privilege to good advantage. The mayor of the town telegraphed vice-president and general manager Hayes to the effect that unless a supply of coal for the people of Seaforth was sent through immediately, the water supply at the engine tank would be cut off. The next day two carloads of coal were sent up to Seaforth.

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Stations: Clinton, Seaforth