Friday, February 7, 1919 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 4



The meeting was held in the Mechanics' Hall on Tuesday night in response to a petition of ratepayers presented by J. B. Spurr, to discuss the switch interchange between the Grand Trunk Railway and the York Radial, one mile and a quarter south of Aurora. The discussion brought out the fact that there is no signed agreement between the manufacturing industries to be benefited and the town, and that the town does not own the rails or land, nor has it a lease of the property which the switch covers. J. B. Spurr was the only man who spoke "agin the government." Eventually W. C. Mulloy moved a resolution approving the undertaking, which was carried by an almost unanimous standing vote. The switch line had been talked of for a long time, and negotiations had been under way since 1916.

Railways: G.T.Ry., T. & Y.Rad.Ry.

Stations: Aurora