Friday, March 7, 1930, Vol. 78, No. 5 The Newmarket Era Page 7, col. 3

Another offer from the T.T.C.

Will lease Metropolitan to county for one year at rental of $1.

Special session of country council today to consider the proposition.

The Toronto Transportation Commission and the Board of Control, at a conference held last Saturday agreed to the policy of leasing the Metropolitan Radial line to the County of York at the nominal rental of $1.00 for one year. Mr. Harvey, general manager of the Transportation Commission, said that there were no practical difficulties in the way and I. S. Fairty, general council for the T.T.C. had no objection so long as the commission was protected in the agreement against liability for losses and accidents.

Should the County Council not agree to lease the line the city will abandon it on March 15 and a liquidator will be appointed to realize on its assets.

It was made clear at the conference that the T.T.C. bus service between Toronto and Mulock's Corners will cease if the county operate the road, but that there will be no interference with the through service to Barrie and Orillia. Mayor Wemp explained that the proposal made to the county on Saturday was that it give an undertaking to operate the road, the T.T.C. supplying the power and material. Any deficit would have to be met by the county.

Must pay same wages.

"And they would have to pay the same wages," said Con. Robbins.

"Would our agreement with the city terminate?" asked Mr. Harvey. "No," replied the mayor. "You would lease the line."

"There are no practical difficulties in the way," said Mr. Harvey. "The car house is at the city limits. They get their power direct from the Ontario commission. It doesn't interfere with the city. All I can see is that you are postponing the evil day."

Mayor Wemp said that if the line was operated by the County it might be patronized by their own people. "This will give them an opportunity to show whether it could be operated without a deficit," he pointed out.

"Mr. Henry agreed that you were continue to hold your Metropolitan bus service," said the mayor. "You are to hold your franchise, but you are not to interfere with their franchise."

Return line, if non-paying.

"If the county find that they are not able to operate the railway they are to hand it back in the same shape," said his worship. "Then, in that event, you are to substitute it with a bus service. That will go into the agreement."

"That's satisfactory," agreed Mr. Harvey. "We have no equipment to give them."

"It does not mean," said Mr. Farity that if they have a $200,000 accident we have to pay for it?"

He was assured that the T.T.C. would be protected against all contingencies.

"Suppose Mr. Henry widen the road, will be come along to use and ask us to embed bricks in concrete?" asked Con. Robbins. "We are not going a little far ahead; we should not anticipate," said the mayor.

The county, he said, would take care of repairs.

It is expected that the fate of the Metropolitan Railway will be determined at a special meeting of the York County Council which Warden Farr has called for Friday, March 7, at 11 a.m.

Prospects for a battle between the northern and southern municipalities of York County at the special meeting called this Friday to discuss the county taking over the operation of the Metropolitan radial is presaged in the opposition already forthcoming from representatives of York Township, East York, Scarboro, New Toronto and Mimico.

The municipalities which are not served by the line and have no actual interest in its operation will have the decision in their hands, in view of the fact that the northern municipalities abutting on the radial line are in favor of the country accepting the offer of the city to lease it for a year while those to the south are diametrically opposed. The numerical voting strength of both the north and south is virtually equal.

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