Friday, March 20, 1931, Vol. 80, No. 7 The Newmarket Era Page 1, col. 4

Town Council Talks Income Tax and Radial

Decision to join other councils in opposing government bill to prevent municipalities collecting income tax.

Much talk about getting radial to Richmond Hill for capital outlay of only $50,000



After 2 1/2 hours with accounts and sundry matters, Council reached ten thirty, and discussed until shortly after midnight, the situation as to the purchase of the radial equipment between Newmarket and Richmond Hill.

Reeve Dales sketched the negotiations with Toronto; but gave no written report. He seemed to be reporting for the Industrial Commission. The "offer" made by the town for the rails, overhead wires, sub-station equipment, snow plough, express car and other material was $32,000. The Toronto Transportation Commission through the liquidator, asks $71,000; towards which Dr. Dales was contemptuous.

The T.T.C. wanted to charge $12 per ton for spikes that were in the rotten ties, 10,000 spikes per mile to be take of ties that the T.T.C. would be glad for farmers to haul away. They also wanted $24 per ton for the rails; the value of which, according to experienced operators, is $8 to $15&mdashland then some of the rails would have to be thrown away.

Dr. Dales seemed convinced that the scheme would be a success with less than $20,000 added to the cost of the "junk". A Toronto reporter who sat at the Council table made a speech to the effect that Mayor Stewart would be tickled to see Newmarket's thirty-one dollars. Just how the project could flourish exceedingly on a capital obligation to the municipalities of only $50,000 has not yet appeared. Apparently the T.T.C. would operate the line for 35 cents per car mile. But whether than means they would buy cars, maintain the right of way, and carry all overhead charges, is so far delightfully vague, as far as a listener to the enthusiasm of Monday night could tell.

In the end, it was decided to ask Aurora how about; and to get in close touch with the T.T.C. from which adventure Dr. Dales was kindly, candidly told he had better be absent. He was willing to obliterate himself, pro tem. But it's Aurora's next move, apparently.

Railways: Met.Ry., T.T.C.