Friday, November 20, 1896, Vol. 45, No. 44 The Newmarket Era Page 3, col. 4

York County Council.

On Monday, the County Council discussed the Metropolitan Railway extension and practically agreed to extend the franchise until May 31. The subject was introduced by Reeve Hill, who asked who gave the Metropolitan Railway permission to use stone belonging to the county for ballast? He also complained that they heavy traffic of hauling materials for constructing the track injured Yonge St., cutting deep ruts in it. It was stated that the permission had been given by the commissioners and that it must be either paid for or returned. The Council resolved itself into Committee of the Whole to hear argument on behalf of the company why an extension of time should be granted. The time now given expires on Friday, and as there is five miles still untouched it is apparently impossible that York Mills can be reached within the time. Two deputations from Richmond Hill also prayed that an extension of time be granted. On motion of Messrs. Woodcock and Scott the franchise was extended until May 31, subject to a by-law and agreement to be submitted to Council.


This morning's session was occupied in discussing the Metropolitan Street Railway and its franchise, when the clauses granting a further extension of time to May 31, 1897, to complete the line was adopted. Reeve Hill introduced a motion to the effect that the agreement with the company be null and void unless it agrees to the following scale of passengers fares: To York Mills, 5 cents; to the York Township line, 10 cents; to a point between lost 35 and between Markham and Vaugham, 15 cents; to Richmond Hill, 20 cents. The motion lost, 20 to 10.

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