Friday, November 27, 1896, Vol. 45, No. 45 The Newmarket Era Page 2, col. 1

Electric railway coming north.

People travelling from this part of the County down Yonge Street tell us that the Metropolitan Street Railway Company have completed their overhead wires from Toronto northward to this side of Thornhill, and state it is confidently affirmed that the electric cars will be running to Richmond Hill by the end of the week. This will be gratifying to the citizens along the street, and also to Richmond Hill; but those who have occasion to drive along the highway complain most bitterly of the wretched condition of the travelled road. This ought not so to be: the company which obtained so liberal a franchise from the county should not transform a privilege into a license by imposing obstacles to public travel. Possibly, however, the obstruction is not so formidable as represented,—and we only speak of the matter from reports which have reached us.

Toronto papers, referring to this electric railway, state that the present power house of the Company hear Mount Pleasant is large enough to supply sufficient current for passenger traffic to Richmond Hill; but increased power will be required for freighting, and this will be provided by improvements to be added at once. As our readers are already aware the Metropolitan Company has obtained power to extend their line to Lake Simcoe, but the agreement has not yet been submitted or confirmed by the local municipalities. Referring to this fact, the News, says:—As soon as it is decided to extend the line north from Richmond Hill and additional power house will be erected at Newmarket or Aurora. When the Metropolitan was first introduced for the consideration of the County Council we will remember it was mooted by its promoters, that it was the ultimate design to extend the line to Newmarket, and possibly to Keswick and Sutton; and from a recent interview with the President of the Company, we learn the ultimate object is still kept in view. But in view of the fact that the franchise extends over a period of 40 years we are somewhat surprised that Reeve Hill's motion for a reduced passenger traffic was not more favourably entertained by the County Council.

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