Thursday, September 25, 1884 The Toronto World Page 1

Thrown off the rail.

Dozen passengers injured on the G. T. R. near Pickering.

A broken frog the cause—Two Pullman burned and two wrecked—No lives lost.

The Grand Trunk express for the east, which left Toronto last night at 7.45 and which does not stop till she reaches Whitby at 9 o'clock, met with an accident near Pickering, 23 miles east of Toronto and 7 miles west of Whitby. The express from the east, due here at 10.30, passes Pickering at 9.28. The two trains cross at Oshawa. Consequently the accident prevented the up express from coming on to Toronto.

The accident must have happened before 9 o'clock. The only information that could be had at the Union station at 4.30 this morning was that the express had jumped the track and that three Pullmans had been turned over on the slope with the wheels up.

Shortly before 11 o'clock a special train of two baggage and five empty passenger coaches left for the scene to bring the passengers of the up express to the city. Drs. Thorburn and Spragge, in company of Mr. Wragge, the local superintendent, were on board. An auxiliary train followed soon after.

The following was received at 2.40 a.m.:

Pickering, Sept. 24.—Four cars of No. 3 express, going east, went off an embankment just east of the station here to-night at 8.30 o'clock. Two Pullmans were burned. No one was killed. About a dozen were bruised and otherwise slightly injured. The cause of the accident was a broken frog.

At 3 this morning the agent at Union station reported that the passengers bound east, with the exception of those injured, proceeded on their way shortly after midnight. A train with the up passengers was then about ready to leave Whitby for Toronto being expected here at 4.

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